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Miscellaneous [x6]
Volks Porcelain Dolls [x3]
Ai no Kusabi [x3]
Loveless [x3]


Then another sign appeared in heaven...Collapse )

Enjoy! ^^

Elegant Gothic Lolita

To satisfy my latest obsession, here are 10 avatars E.G.L. style! xD I must give important credit though: they were all made with the Lolita Dollmaker.

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more loligoth?Collapse )

Random x4

I'm sorry to announce you, but I'm not dead. xD

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Long time...

Ah... long time, no see, my dearies... I'm sorry but depression is taking me over at the thought that school will be here in just a couple of days. :( Anyway, I have some new treats for you. Also, I'm going to change this boring layout. xD

4 more

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3 more iCons! xD

Featuring Chii from Chobbits and Chibi Usa and her alter ego, Black Lady, from Sailor Moon.

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